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Profi Resist Frypan 24cm
Profi Resist Frypan 24cm
Profi Resist Fry Pan 28 cm
Profi Resist Fry Pan 28 cm
Profi Resist Fry Pan 28cm deep
Profi Resist Fry Pan 28cm deep
PermaDur Premium Grill Pan 28x28cm
PermaDur Premium Grill Pan 28x28cm

Frying pans for searing food at high temperatures.


Frying pans for delicate dishes.

Fry and stew like a professional with WMF pans

These frying pans let you concentrate on the cooking!

Whether you're frying a steak to perfection or preparing the perfect pancake – frying pans are a must for every kitchen. As a result, WMF is committed to developing ever better products.

The right frying pan for every delight

The smallest of details make all the difference when frying. Whether you're cooking a succulent steak, a perfectly cooked fish, any of a range of recipes with eggs or just making pancakes, having the right kind of frying pan makes your job so much easier.

Equip yourself like a pro with WMF, for any purpose!

Our high-quality frying pans are the perfect all-rounders for a range of uses in everyday cooking, from diced meat to omelettes and fish. WMF offers sophisticated special frying pan models for culinary delicacies to make life easier for yourself when cooking certain dishes.

Your crepes can be guaranteed wafer-thin thanks to our wide crepe pans with flat edges. Grill pans have a ribbed surface to guarantee not only quick and gentle frying but also to give your food a more intense flavour and an appetising look. Special woks which distribute heat evenly are suitable for cooking delicate food. Normal frying pans often don't have edges high enough for stewing. That's why roasting pans are designed with extra high edges.

High-quality materials for perfect frying and stewing

As we all know, we all have different tastes. This doesn't just apply to food but to cookware as well. That's why WMF frying pans are made from a variety of materials. All models can withstand high temperatures and are especially robust and easy to clean. We choose to use high-quality Cromargan® steel for our stainless steel frying pans, which is known for being resistant to acids, stable and hygienic. It goes without saying that our frying pans are dishwasher safe and have excellent non-stick properties – prolonged soaking and stubborn deposits that can only be removed using steel wool are a thing of the past! Of course we also stock cast iron frying pans in our assortment as well as particularly lightweight models made of non-stick coated aluminium.

There's something for everybody at WMF, from the hobby chef to the professional

You can find an enormous choice of different frying pans at WMF. You can choose from our tried-and-tested collections, which often go with our other WMF pans, as well as various diameters from 14 to 32 cm. We're always working to improve our products – have a look at our selection of frying pans and discover what our products can do already!